1950 Gilbert, No.2 Chemistry Outfit in Original Box

1950 Gilbert, No.2 Chemistry Outfit in Original Box

Superb mint in box, complete, and unused "Chemistry Outfit" by A.C. Gilbert. Pressed steel two part box with complete exterior label (all original). In addition to the materials it includes all inserts, paperwork, and paper padding. 

Contents include the following (all have never been opened).

  • 7 - chemicals in 1 oz amber bottles with black metal caps - sodium carbonate, sulphur, nickel ammonium sulphate, ferric ammonium sulfphate, tartaric acid, 2nd sulfur, ammonium chloride 
  • Litmus paper in sealed envelope 
  • Sulphide test paper in sealed envelope 
  • Filter paper disks 
  • 4 -  chemicals in corked, labeled glass test tubes - calcium oxide, potassium nitrate, sodium bisulphate, sodium silicate 
  • 3 - empty glass test tubes (2 with corks) 
  • White candle - heat source 
  • Measuring spoon 
  • Measuring spatula 
  • Test Tube Holder 
  • Glass stirring rods 
  • Steel test tube rack painted yellow and hinged to left side of inner box
  • Fun With Chemistry 80pg. experiment book with instructions and list of additional chemicals 
  • Gilbert Inspector's Voucher - stamped "DEC 1950" 
  • Blue cardboard spacer insert 
  • Blue cardboard strap insert - stamped "No.2" 
  • 2 Corrugated brown cardboard inserts 
  • Waxed and light brown paper padding 

The box is a hinged two piece folding assembly with embossed steel latch marked Gilbert. Hinges and latch are chrome plated. Box is pressed steel painted dark blue. Original full color box label shows young scientist at work decanting contents of one test tube into another. 

Size: Box Approx. 9¼" x 11" x 2½".

Sold: Feb. 2012

Price Sold: $ 78


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