1961 Yonezowa, Ford Falcon "New Size Ford" in Original Box

1961 Yonezowa, Ford Falcon

Outstanding tin litho friction drive Ford Falcon "The New Size Ford" manufactured by Yonezowa. In beautiful near mint condition it comes complete with its original box.

Two tone vehicle, light metallic blue body with white roof. Interior is embossed tin litho with plastic steering wheel. Underside chassis is flat black and embossed "Ford Falcon" and includes the manufacturers trademark. The trademark was also lithoed on the interior rear front seat. Tires are solid black rubber with embossed metal hubs marked "FORD". 

Front bumper assembly with grille, rear bumper, and both windshield frames are chrome plated tinplate. Tail lights are red lithoed tinplate. Has both of its original front and rear celluloid windshields.

Rear wheels are friction powered and work great without any hesitation or binding. 

Box cover is illustrated with a ¾ perspective image of an all white Falcon set against a deep red background. Falcon logo was printed in the upper left corner. Yonezowa trademark printed in the lower right corner. 

As mentioned I could find no listing for this car in the "Big Book of Tin Toy Cars" although there was a similar model made by Alps with working wipers.

Size: 9". 

Sold: Oct. 2011

Price Sold: $ 138


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