c.1954 England, Mrs. Potato Head in Original Box

c.1954 England, Mrs. Potato Head in Original Box

Wow! Here's the English version of "Mrs. Potato Head"; complete, unused and mint in box. Produced under the Peter Pan Series# it features one of the most "expressive" full color box illustrations I've seen.

Manufactured before they started including plastic "potatoes" this set required the use of real vegetables and fruits. It definitely has an English "flavor" to it right down to the curly blond hair and lighted cigarette in the corner of her mouth. 

In addition it includes 2 types of eyes, 3 mouths, 3 noses, 2 hats, and even 2 kinds of eyebrows. There's a pair of ear-rings, a hand bag, ears, body, hands, and feet, as well as a hair bow. An orange feather and second pair of eyebrows, called "beetle brows" are still factory sealed in their original cellophane envelope. 

It also has its original 15" x 7" full color glossy illustrated instruction sheet, plus 3-piece, blue, raised, die cut inserts. The center insert includes a color potato and a cut out area for the body. Parts are stored and labeled in the left insert. Two hats, red and yellow, can be pressed out from the right insert (one with plastic yellow center, while the orange feather is inserted into the second).

The box cover sort of speaks for itself. In addition to Mrs. Potato Head, Mrs. Orange, Mrs. Pear, and Mrs. Carrot are shown shopping for produce...of course. The box aprons are also in full color. In addition to those already mentioned are Mrs. Lemon, Mrs. Cucumber, Mrs. Banana, Mrs. Lemon, and Mrs. Lime. The last two are particularly sour.

Size: Box Approx. 10½" x  7¼" x 2¼".

Sold: Dec. 2011

Price Sold: $ 51


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