c.1952 Marx Sparkling Electric Burp Gun In Original Box

c.1952 Marx Sparkling Electric Burp Gun In Original Box

Wow! This is only the second time I've found this fantastic Marx, Sparkling Electric Burp Gun in near mint condition complete with its original box. It's a battery operated toy and everything that's supposed to work...does! Even the sparking mechanism work beautifully.

The last time I found this toy was over eight years ago and it was completely different. Even the box illustrations varied. The only thing that was the same are the black frame sections of the gun. The stock and front grip on this toy are an awesome marbleized plastic combination of butterscotch with dark brown highlights. The other toy was reversed; dark brown with butterscotch highlights. The barrels are also different. This one is red. The first one I found was black. Both were all polystyrene plastic. I've included a photo of both the box and gun below.

Best of all is its awesome design. Measuring 2ft. in length is features a contoured front grip, ventilated barrel chamber, sound and motion motor (attached to left side of front grip), ribbed center barrel, cylindrical bullet cannister, embossed frame with rear mounted locking battery holder, and large wide stock. The Marx logo is embossed into the left side of the frame.

The battery compartment is located just above the trigger, below the front site. It has it's original locking mechanism and uses two D-cell batteries. There's virtually no wear on the outside of the battery door indicating that the toy was infrequently played with, if at all. Once "locked and loaded" a squeeze of the trigger produces a rapid, loud, hollow-like "bop-bop-bop" sound. Simultaneously the red barrel recoils in and out of the barrel chamber, while it emits sparks through the vents. Everything on this toy works great!

The box includes a fantastically detailed fine line illustration of the burp gun. It even shows the simulated wood grain swirls in the stock. No less than nine font types were used to advertised the toys remarkable abilities. What appears to be a photograph of the gun was shown from the side on one of the side panels. In front of the gun is a young sprite 1940?s lad with burp gun in hand and beanie on head firing behind a stone wall. Another kid off in the distance will soon be joining him. The last box panel includes an elaborate five step scehmatic illustrations with text descriptions accompanying each one. They show how to replace the flint, install the batteries, lock the battery clip, and most importantly how to maintain the toy by placing two drops of oil on the motors brass bearing. This is essential to keep it running properly. Both endflaps on the box, although realistic in appearance, are replacements. In fact the other example of the toy I found eight years ago was in identical condition, probably due to the weight and shape of the toy.

Size: 24" x 5" x 3"

Date Sold: Jun. 2008

Addendum: Nov. 2015 Additional references indicate that this version of the toy was produced in 1950-52. Originally I had indicated it was c.1948, but the additional references, specifically Montgomery Ward, show that it was sold two or three years later. Additonal versions were produced as late as 1967.

Price Sold: $ 333


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