1959 Bandai, Cadillac Sedan de Ville in Original Box

1959 Bandai, Cadillac Sedan de Ville in Original Box

Spectacular jet black tin litho Cadillac Sedan de Ville by Bandai. Complete with original box and insert. Also comes with original Bandai packing bag (car slides into the bag and then into the box).

Purchased from the family of the original owner who bought it while stationed in the military. I was told it was  a company gift shop; not a public store. This may account for the presence of the plastic bag which I've never seen before. It has the Bandai logo printed on it. As evidence of the pristine quality of this piece some of the logo transferred onto the underside of the car. In other words it's been stored since new.

Produced only in black or red, Bandai's 1959 Cadillac has the distinction of having the largest and tallest tail fins of any vehicle they manufactured. Their size was greatly reduced on the 1960 model. It was also the last year to include Cadillac's panoramic wrap-around windshield. 

This vehicle has all of the classic collecting "desirables". The appearance is nearly perfect compared to the actual car. It features huge wide, raised fenders, enclosed rear wheel wells, an immense wrap-around chrome plated front grille and bumper, twin bullet red taillights, gigantic and sharply defined tail fins raised almost 1" above the trunk, front and rear blue tinted celluloid windshields, tin litho interior, Cadillac front hood emblem, and Cadillac rear license plate. 

In addition it has solid black rubber white wall tires with embossed chrome plate hub caps, all four original door handles, white plastic steering wheel, detailed dashboard, and many other chrome accessories. 

The rear wheels are friction driven and work great. The underside chassis is embossed with the Cadillac name, Bandai trademark, and "Made In Japan".

The box was illustrated with a light blue Sedan de Ville which precisely corresponds to toy. Cadillac and Bandai trademarks appear on every apron. The clear factory bag is printed with the Bandai trademark and other Japanese writing. The insert, printed in Japanese, shows eight other toy model vehicles. It still has its original Â¥300 yen price sticker on the box bottom. 

Size: 11¼". 

Sold: 11-0152

Price Sold: $ 532


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