c.1920 Greppert & Kelch, Frisky Horse Pulling Dog Cart

c.1920 Greppert & Kelch, Frisky Horse Pulling Dog Cart

Superb early clockwork tin litho "Frisky Horse Pulling Dog-Cart" manufactured by Greppert & Kelch (G&K), Brandenburg, Germany. Incredible near mint- condition as a result of being stored in a box for many years.

It features the random movements of a prancing muscular horse, harnessed to a two wheeled orange dog-cart, with chauffeur-style driver and passenger seated back-to-back. The toy moves erratically forward, or reverse depending on the position of the toothed gear underneath the cart. Simultaneous random right and left motion is achieved by random turning of the single metal wheel located under the horse. Thus the toy name "Frisky Horse". I discovered the actual toy name in an old German toy wholesaler's catalog.

Bright strong colors really makes it stand out. But it was the attention to detail which makes it so attractive. Details like the realistic appearance of the horse with groomed mane and tail, the horses eyes with lids, rivets in the harnessing, scrollwork on the sides of the dog-cart, seat cushions and flooring, and facial features of the two men are its strongest points. Simple things like precise alignment of the right and left face halves of the men line were done so well they can be easily overlooked.

Et Cetera: The string reins are very old and may be original. The "washed" appearance on the front of the buckboard is factory made. The black metal supports on each side of the horse were intentionally manufactured flat and even on the left and outcropped on the right to accommodate the width of the horse. It winds using its attached key and works great! 

Size: 7" (15cm)

Sold: Aug. 2011

Price Sold: $ 658


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