c.1948 Marx Jeep Wrecker Truck in Original Box

c.1948 Marx Jeep Wrecker Truck in Original Box

This beautiful and unusual truck comes from the esteemed collection of Donald Kaufman. This is the "Jeep Wrecker Truck" by Marx. It's never been used or played with and is all pressed steel. It's conservatively graded excellent+ to near mint. It also comes with its original box. Both the truck and the box are the only examples I've seen of this toy. It's also not listed in the Marx, Greenberg's Guide. 

The truck is all solid heavy gauge steel construction with baked on enamel finish. Even the tires are pressed steel lithoed disks. It was based on the Marx Willys Jeep which was produced from 1946-50. It features a metal steering wheel, movable hood (i.e., slides forward slightly and can be raised), chrome plated headlights, split front windshield, and drop-down tail gate. It has extended running fenders and running boards which run the length of the vehicle. Both doors have a colorful "Towing Service" decal which includes a side view image of the truck. 

The crane section is easily attached or detached from the trailer. It has its original trailer support rod, original metal crank with wooden handle, original red string cable, and die cast metal tow hook. Operating the crane, either up or down, also produces a loud clicking noise.

The box was printed in brightly contrasted colors which show the Jeep from a # angled perspective and left side views. It was beautifully colored and illustrated with the "Jeep" name prominently featured in large red letters. Its steel construction, crane, etc. are advertised on every main panel. Marx logo, toy name, etc. were printed on the endflaps. 

It comes complete with Bertoia Auction original hang tag.

Size: 14½" w/crane attached. 

Sold: Oct. 2011

Price Sold: $ 699


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