c.1956 Suzuki & Edwards, "Snapping Alligator" in Original Box

c.1956 Suzuki & Edwards,

Superb clockwork tin litho fantasy toy called "Snapping Alligator" manufactured by Suzuki & Edwards, Japan. Complete with original box and separate instruction card. Both the toy and box grade excellent+ to near mint and it works great!

Over the years I've found several chomping alligator toys from Japan, but not this specific toy. It was designed with three connected sections; head, torso, and tail. The head provides the snapping action. The torso moves the critter around and the tail wags from side to side 

It winds up with an attached key located on the underside of the torso. When it's all ready to go the animal quickly scoots around while raising and snapping its upper jaw. A tin litho bee attached by spring wire seems to just avoid the snapping reptile. 

The happy looking gator was colorfully lithoed with brown and black spots on a pink background. The belly is a light beige color. The mouth is bright red with round white teeth. The two large swirl-colored wheels are  2¼" diameter. A small third wheel below the head and torso provides balance and its erratic action. It can move forward, right, left, and even reverse. The tip of the tail is marked with the manufacturers trademark.

The colorful box was illustrated with the smiling gator minus its wheels, with jaw raised in anticipation of chomping down on the "pesky" bee. The front and rear aprons show a similar drawing, but also includes the wheels. Manufacturer trademark was printed on the front cover and sides. 

It also comes with a small black and white glossy cardboard instruction sheet for assembling the tail. Apparently it was originally packed with the tail removed. I didn't try to disassemble it.

Size: 12½".

Sold: Oct. 2011

Price Sold: $ 67


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