1964 Marion Kay "Numismatic Clock" in Orig. Box

1964 Marion Kay

This "Numismatic Clock" manufactured by Marion Kay Inc. had never been removed from its original bag until I took it out for these photos. I inserted a new battery and after 24 hours it still kept perfect time! It comes with its original box, insert, paperwork, plastic bag, and battery. The battery is original to the clock. 

The simplistic dial face using straight lines pointing to circles (coins) was adapted from the Atomic clock designs produced in the 1950's. The end of silver coinage presented a clever way to resurrect the design. Set in 1" thick Lucite and backed with simulated Walnut Formica these dimes, quarters, and half dollars totaling only $1.30 represent the "last" (at the time) silver coinage. There were minted in 1964 and uncirculated. The dimes and quarters shown from the reverse side all have a "D" mint mark (Denver). The half dollars were minted in Philadelphia.

The motor was made from non-transistorized components powered by a 1.5V C-cell battery. Button batteries were still several years away.

The clock came with the battery already inserted. Two paper "pull tabs" placed between the terminals prevented the battery from being activated. The stringy tape that held the battery is still in place. The whole thing was wrapped in a plastic bag (present, but not shown). I retained the yellowed tape used to seal the bag. And as already mentioned it works great!

Also...just to point out that the coins can be easily removed by unscrewing the plastic screws from each corner. 

The box heavily darkened from age is just a square hinged cover style with double thick cardboard insert. Also included are the original operating instructions (blue) and warranty that was never filled out. The presence of "zip" in the address indicates that it was produced after September, 1964. I can recall these being around for a year or two until 1966 when silver was completely eliminated from U.S. coinage and the value increased significantly.

Size: 7½" square x 2½" thick.

Sold: Feb. 2012

Price Sold: $ 100


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