c.1954 Georg Kohler "Merrily Singing Bird" in Original Box

c.1954 Georg Kohler

Beautifully made clockwork tin litho "Merrily Singing Bird" manufactured by Georg Köhler, Nuremberg, West Germany in superb near mint condition. Comes complete with original box and correct Köhler key. 

The Köhler company was well known for their production of realistic tin litho clockwork animals. This example of their "Merrily Singing Bird" was no exception. Accurately lithographed and intricately detailed in terms of both coloration, form, movement, and even sound. It moves its head, beak, wings, and tail in sequence like an actual bird. Chirping sounds are simultaneously produced which are synchronized with the opening and closing of the beak. Best of all...everything works great....exactly as it was designed to do.

The toy is all tin litho with the exception of the plastic legs and feet. The underside is marked with the manufacturer's trademark, "Germany", and "Ges Gesch" (by law protected). It comes with its original cast iron nickel plated key which is very difficult to find. 

The colorful box was printed in English and German. The two main panels show the two variations of this toy. One with green head and yellow/red breast. The other with blue head and white/gray breast. The two narrow panels show both variations against a red background amid several musical notes. The endflaps include the manufacturer's trademark and "Made in Western Germany". 

Size: Approx. 7" long and 5" tall. 

Sold: Feb. 2012

Price Sold: $ 325


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