1950/52 Two Kenton Cast Iron Twin Horse Drawn Vehicles

1950/52 Two Kenton Cast Iron Twin Horse Drawn Vehicles

Includes two cast iron "Twin Horse Drawn Vehicles" manufactured by Kenton. Both were produced in early 1950's, however the single woman passenger is much older. Overall they both grade excellent.

1952 Surrey with Fringed Top

Open side cast iron carriage with cloth canopy held in place with wire rods. Drawn by two identical white prancing horses with gold details. Dark blue buckboard carriage body with two benchseats on yellow chassis with yellow wagon wheels. Includes original chain harnessing. Driver with red uniform wear black high hat. Woman passenger wear ruffled skirt and fancy hat. Arms of the passenger are both articulated at the shoulders. Reins have been replaced. 

The Surrey was one of the last toys the Kenton company produced. Except for the canopy the individual parts were redesigned using previously manufactured early 20th century toys. Differences in the thickness of the metal, minute details, and sometimes small changes in position can usually distinguish the old from the newer components. In this case all the parts are post war production with the exception of the woman passenger. She was produced in 1901 as the driver for Kenton's Spyder Phaeton Carriage. This example is heavier, has an underlying black glossy surface, and was painted with different colors as compared to the 1952 passenger. The most notable difference are in the arms which are separate parts from the body. The are both articulated at the shoulders. The 1952 passengers arms were cast as part of the body and were stationary. The size and shape of the 1901 and 1952 woman figures are identical.

Size: 12½'. 

1950 Sand and Gravel Dump Wagon

Deep green wagon with hinged pressed steel floor. Release lever on the right side of the driver opens and secures the floor. Wagon is embossed in raised gold letters on both sides; Sand & Gravel. Chassis, wheels, and harnessing are red. Original driver has blue body, black cap, and faded pink face. Two large muscular dray style horses, one white and the other black, are hitched in place with original metal chains. Each have gold details. Reins are original.

Size: 15". 

Sold: Jan. 2012

Price Sold: $ 188


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