1948 Cox, Thimble Drome Champion Tether Car in Original Box

1948 Cox, Thimble Drome Champion Tether Car in Original Box

Outstanding cast aluminum Thimble Drome #90 Champion Tethered Racer by Cox Mfg. Early model comes complete with original box, instructions, unused tether cord with original wooden handle, and tether bridle wire. 

Purchased from a small auction house in upstate New York I was told that it had only one previous owner....and it looks it! Doesn't appear that an engine was ever used with it. 

Gorgeous cherry red body with black painted hood straps and blue chassis. Interior has a single cast aluminum black painted seat plus original dashboard decal. 

In fact everything on this vehicle is original to the toy. That includes the cast aluminum oval grille, exhaust manifold, hand brake, and fire extinguisher; both of the #90 black and gold decals, "demountable" solid black rubber tires with cast aluminum hubs, plus the four screws which hold the upper and lower body halves together.

As you can see in the first photo the tether cord looks like it was only partially unwound. I believe that the wooden handle is varnished solid maple. Also included is its original polished tether bridle wire. From the condition of the connecting holes it looks like the bridal was never attached to the car. 

The blue, black and white box was printed with illustrations showing close-up views of both sides of the vehicle. It also shows a "blow-up" view inside a circle with a hand on the tether while several admirers look on. The endflaps include the manufacturer's name and is stamped with the correctly corresponding Red-Blue color combination.

And then there's the fabulous original schematic instructions. Printed in blue ink on a waxed type paper it provides detailed instructions how to use the tether, connection of the bridle, recommendation and pricing for the engine, spare tires, and gear drive. At the bottom in small letters it states that the Thimble Drome is capable of attaining speeds up to 70mph.

Size: 9½" (235mm).

Sold: Nov. 2011

Price Sold: $ 555


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