1930 Lionel, Winner Toy Corp. Train Set in Original Box

1930 Lionel, Winner Toy Corp. Train Set in Original Box

"The Great Depression badly hurt Lionel. Their operating profit dropped from $500,000 in 1927 to $82,000 in 1930. In 1931 they lost $207,000. Trains were considered a luxury item, and at the height of the Depression one of Lionel's more extravagant locomotives cost as much as a used Ford Model T.

In an effort to compete with companies that were willing to undercut Lionel's prices the company introduced a line of inexpensive electric toy trains under the Winner Toys or Winner Toy Corp. brand name, which they sold for only two years; from 1930 to 1932. The starting price for a set was $3.25, including a transformer. However, these efforts were unable to keep Lionel from going into receivership in May 1934. It wasn't until they obtained a license to produce a wind-up handcar featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse that the company again became profitable." Wikipedia

Here is one of those rare interim sets produced by Lionel and sold under the Winner Toy Corporation brand name. It's in excellent+ to near mint condition, complete with all parts including track and transformer, plus the original box with all inserts. I also set it up and it works great!

The set is O-gauge and all tin litho. A quick glance and you'd think you're looking at a Marx train set! The three cars are each marked "Winner Lines". All are 6" long. They have embossed orange bodies, die cut windows, green embossed roof, and a dark brown frame with yellow details. Each has two simple 90º polished tin couplers, except for the locomotive which has only one. All windows and doors openings are die cut into the tinplate. Each piece grades approximately the same; excellent+ to near mint and unused. Contents are identical to the parts list printed on the box. 

It includes the following;

Electric Locomotive 1010 - with brass painted head light and electric (faux) overhead conductor. Wheels are die cast metal. It hasn't any Lionel markings. 

Pullman Car 1 No.1011 - polished tin metal wheels. 

Pullman Car 2 No.1011 - polished tin metal wheels. 

Winnertown Transformer Train Station - 6" x 3¾" x 4". Rectangular yellow building with removable orange "terra cotta" roof on green pressed steel base. All sides show multiple windows and doors with raised arches. Transformer hidden inside the station has all of its original wiring, original terminal, and its original cloth covered wiring with plug. Includes two short connecting wires and track connector which is mysteriously marked Marx. 

Track - 8, 10" curves which form a 27" diameter circle. 

Beautifully illustrated box shows two young lads at play and The "Winner" printed across the top in large orange letters. An accurate drawing the complete contents is shown on the cover. Two box aprons show "The Winner" entering a tunnel. The right box apron indicates the outfit number and a list of the contents. The opposite apron includes an extensive list of operating instructions. In fact these instruction are continued onto one of the inside cover panels. A short additional parts list with prices was also printed on the inside cover. The box bottom is solid folded blank cardboard. It contains all five original inserts label as follows; "1000-4" Station, "1000-6" for locomotive, and two "1000-5" for each Pullman. A fifth box insert hold the three cars. It's labeled as "1000-3". 

Box Size: 13" x 10¼" x 4".

Sold: Dec. 2011

Price Sold: $ 396


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