1944 Cass Toy, "Giant Plane w/Four Dummy Motors"

1944 Cass Toy,

"Wooden body plane 21 in. long; 25 in. wingspread, 3-blade propellers turn on each of its 4 dummy motors. Colored details, insignia on natural varnish finish. Wings and tail of 1/8-in. sturdy Masonite. Tricycle landing gear. $2.29".........1944 Sears Roebuck Christmas Catalog (see last photo)

The Cass Toy Company in Athol, MA. must've seen some brisk business when WW2 requirements created a resurgence in wooden toys. During this time the company produced a series of war toys that included tanks, transport trucks, a jeep, and of course...airplanes. 

Excluding their ride-on toys, this "Giant Plane with Four Dummy Motors" (its actual name) was one of their largest. It was also one of their most expensive toys retailing for $2.29. I've never seen the box for it. In fact, any Cass box is really difficult to find because of the age and weight of the contents.

Production for the Giant Plane began in 1944 and ended the next year making it one of the most difficult Cass toys to find. This is only the 2nd or 3rd example I've seen that was complete, intact, and all original. 

It's also one of their neatest looking toys. Concisely described in the Sears catalog the fuselage was a single block of pine stenciled red on both sides with windows, cockpit, Super Clipper name, company trademark, and even a "bird in flight". A block of stained pine with two small black painted wooden wheels nailed to it make up the landing gear. The four motors are turned maple with painted pressed steel embossed propellers. 

The wings are Masonite painted red, white, and blue. These separate from the fuselage. Details like the "new" Air Force insignias were painted white. 

The entire plane was finished with varnish which has given it a beautiful golden brown aged patina. 

Size: 21" fuselage, 25" wingspan.

Sold: Dec. 2011

Price Sold: $ 64


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