c.1931 Marx Mechanical "Merry Makers" Mouse Band

c.1931 Marx Mechanical

Classic Marx tin litho "Merry Makers" clockwork Mouse Band in excellent to excellent+ condition and works great! Probably one of the best toys ever made it features a 4-piece band lithoed only in white, red, and black.

Originally selling for 98¢ the foursome play an upright piano, a second dances, a third bangs a drum, while the fourth sits on top of the piano and conducts the other three. The group wear formal tuxedos complete with white button shirt, red vest, white gloves and spats. 

Lithoed on the piano are wide-eyed mice running across the piano keys, while cat faces decorate the chairs. The back of the piano has the Marx name, trademark, patent numbers and toy name in block lettering. Note that the name "MerryMakers" is one word, while on the original box (which is not present) the word is split into "Merry Makers".

It winds using an attached key and has a stop/start lever on the right side of the piano. Each mouse sways side to side and up and down simultaneously; fantastic action! The assembled toy is shown in the 4th photo down (I've posed the critters for the other photos).

Size: Approx. 10" x 9" x 5" assembled. 

Sold: Feb. 2012

Price Sold: $ 823


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