1910 Karl Bub Clockwork Saloon Limousine

1910 Karl Bub Clockwork Saloon Limousine

Beautiful early pre-WW1 "Clockwork Saloon Limousine" complete with original driver. Hand built and hand painted in Germany. Manufactured by either Carette or Karl Bub. Most likely it was Bub who produced a post WWI version. However, with absolutely certainty the manufacturer is unknown. 

Measuring slightly more than 11" long its a saloon style limousine with separate compartments between the driver and passengers. To look plush both sides of the divider are pleated. The drivers seat bottom is also pleated however the passengers is flat. The C-style cab has embossed doors which do not open and roof supports. The front windshield has its original glass window pane still in place. It raises and lowers using the notched handle attached to the left support.

The driver has a full three dimensional body. He's wearing a gray chauffeur's uniform "zipped" to the collar and matching gray cap. The separate steering wheel is red. The steering column connects through a hole in floor board, but was not intended to turn the front axle. The axle, however, can be manually positioned to turn right, left, or move straight ahead. 

The rear passenger section has embossed exterior sides along the outlines of the windows, roof, and just above the rear fenders. These extend across the rear of the car. The clockwork motor occupies most of this compartment. Both rear doors can open and close. Each has its original securely fastened door latch in place. The interior walls including the doors of the passenger compartment are ocher or yellow. 

The front hood has 7 louvers on each side. The front grille has checkerboard embossing. The two oil-type headlamps have brass plated rings in front which retain the original glass covers. Both of these glass covers are intact. The lamps also have their original handles in place.

The single piece running boards and fenders run the length of the auto on both sides. It has two manually operated brake levers; one protruding through each running board. These connect by a system of rods underneath the car to pull a brake which rubs against the rim of the right rear tire and stop the car. The wheels are all metal including the spokes and tires. 

The clockwork motor is wound on the left side with an attached key. The rear motor housing is stamped "D.R.G.M.".

But best of all it works flawlessly without any hesitation or intermittent stopping. 

Note: Although this automobile is frequently identified as being manufactured by Karl Bub, David Pressland (Art of The Tin Toy), and (Toy Autos 1890 - 1939) indicates that it may have been produced by Carette since no pre-war Bub catalog exists. The 1917 post-war version with plain disc wheels and rubber tires has definitely been attributed to Karl Bub. 

Size: 11" long, 6" tall, 5¼" wide.

Sold: Dec. 2011

Price Sold: $ 1926


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