c.1946 Keinberger Huki, 3 Racing Motorcyles in Original Box

c.1946 Keinberger Huki, 3 Racing Motorcyles in Original Box

Unusual retail case of 3 remaining Kienberger Montage 41 Racing Motorcycles with detachable Sidecars complete with their original display box plus all three keys. 

Scarce toy to find in any condition this auction includes three cycles that have never been played with. All are unsold store stock and identical. Each is clockwork tin litho and wound using a separate key. Although marked with racing number 25, the correct name for this toy is Montage 41. The "41" can be seen just above the front fender. Colors are brilliant throughout. They're marked, "Made in U.S. Zone Germany".

Despite its small size the toy was beautifully lithographed with lots of fine, intricate detail. Engine components, wheel spokes, and even sidecar seat pleating can be seen. Of course it's a racing motorcycle with the driver sitting in a hunched streamlined position. It runs on two solid black rubber tires plus one highly polished tin metal disk wheel (on the sidecar). The bike also has two "faux" wheels made of some kind of phenolic plastic. The sidecars is detachable and easily lifts up. The bike runs just as well without the sidecar. Best of all the biker trio work beautifully!

The three cycles comes in their original box. Due to the lack of post-war materials packaging from other products was frequently reused. In this case a box once used to package a reliable baking power with orange and blue graphics was printed on the inside cover and onto the box bottom. The keys came wrapped in a torn section from a sugar bag. Includes original tissue paper packaging. There was also an extra black wheel which I'll include. Probably fell off one of the bikes which is no longer present. 

Size: 3½". 

Sold: Mar. 2012

Price Sold: $ 483


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