1947 Marx, New Sky Bird Flyer in Original Box

1947 Marx, New Sky Bird Flyer in Original Box

This revolving lithographed tinplate New Sky Bird Flyer by Marx represented the last in a a long line of mechanical tower aeroplane toys. The genre was created by Marx in 1926. This superb example grades excellent++ to near mint and comes complete with its original color illustrated box.

Historically, the New Sky Bird Flyer was one of Marx's most colorful popular tower flying toys. The four piece set consists of a 1) control tower, 2) a mechanical aeroplane with spring wound motor and stop/start lever, 3) a "dummy" counterweight" aeroplane, and 4) a two foot long support cross bar. 

A couple turns of the attached key, release the start lever, and it works flawlessly.

The toy was based on the old style airport architecture in which the control tower served as the central entrance to the terminal. So while the roof shows a number of radio flight controllers, the cylinder section represents an art deco building. It has front and rear entrances and even shows passengers waiting to enter the terminal. The tower is 9" with 6¼" diameter base. 

The two planes have identical fuselage (7½") and wing (8") components although their lithography is completely different. That's where the similarity ends. Of course the mechanical plane is heavier since it houses the motor assembly. It therefore frequently makes ground contact which required landing wheels (two metal and one wooden). To insure adequate speed it uses a large metal propeller. The main wing is polished aluminum. The counterweight plane because of its lighter weight is more frequently airbound. It has no landing gear and uses a light weight, easily spun celluloid propeller (which is original). The robin's egg color cross support is unique is unique to this toy. It won't work correctly with any other Marx tower toy. 

The box was designed with colors and illustrations which match the toy. Three panels show several planes approaching the landing field from different elevations. It also depicts a jet propelled "rocket liner" zeppelin which was not part of the toy. The fourth box panel is blank with only the name of the toy printed on it. The word "NEW" was added. The topflaps are also color illustrated, while the bottom flaps were left blank. 

The toy sold originally for $1.89.

Size: Toy parts as indicated above. Box 11¾" x 7¼" x 6½".

Sold: May 2008

Price Sold: $ 522


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