1953 Tru-Matic, No. 800 Machine Gun in Original Box

1953 Tru-Matic, No. 800 Machine Gun in Original Box

This authentic looking heavy gauge pressed steel WW1 era toy Machine Gun was manufactured by the Tru-Matic Toy Company, East Stroudsburg, PA. It's complete with all original parts including cartridge holder, rubber nosed wooden bullets, original instructions, and original box. It's in near mint+ condition and appears barely used, if at all. The design was possibly based on the American Browning machine Gun (see photo). 

I could find very little information about the Tru-Matic Toy Company other than they operated during the late 1940's into the early 1960's. They produced several other metal toys including sand pails, games, and guns. They continued to produce metal fittings and machinery into the 1970's.

The toy separates into an upper gun section which has 100% of its original company logo decal on the right side. The lower tripod section has all of its original bolts, wing-nuts, and end caps. It also has all eight original gold painted rubber tipped wooden bullets. They slide into a separate cartridge holder which feeds them automatically into the chamber. When you crank the weapon it makes a loud clacking sound and fires the loaded bullet. The next bullet drops into the chamber and the process is repeated in rapid succession. I tried it using two bullets and it worked just fine.

The toy is complete with its original box. One of the side panels has three targets lined up side by side. It indicates that the center of each target should be cut out (although these never were). Above them is printed Tru-Matic Machine Gun Range. On this same panel was pasted the original receipt/postal inspection record along with the original owner's name and address. 

Also included are the original instructions, a form for ordering more bullets, and the original parts paper bag.

Size: 24" long, 17" tall. Weight: 6 pounds. 

Sold: Mar. 2007

Price Sold: $ 1000


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