c.1947 Marx, Tower Aeroplane (Version 2) in Original Box

c.1947 Marx, Tower Aeroplane (Version 2) in Original Box

Over the years Louis Marx and Co. produced many variations of their "tower flyer" toys, however none of them compare so similarly than the Marx, Tower Aeroplane. Also known as the Sky Hawk Flyer it was originally manufactured during the mid-1930's. After WWII production was restored, but with a few "lithographic changes".

The toy has the distinction of having the longest running clockwork motor built by the company. References state that it can run up to 6 minutes. Without being fully wound (which should never be done) this example topped out at a whopping 7½ minutes before it stopped. The example available here is the later post WWII second version. The condition is amazing easily grading near mint. It's complete with its original box which is also in extraordinary condition. 

The toy features two orange and yellow post-war era fighter planes with red celluloid propellers. Each is lithoed with four machine guns on both wings plus two more guns in front of the pilot. They're weighted towards the front and rather than centering the rotation point it's mounted at a downward 45° angle on the side of the tower roof. It's this design, plus the strong motor, which keeps them running for so long. 

The tower is beautifully lithographed with an airport under attack. Manned anti-aircraft guns mounted on the roof and ground are shown shooting down enemy planes. Exploding shells and planes going down in flames are shown in silhouette. 

Structurally the design between the 1930's and 1940's versions are identical, however the earlier one has no reference to anti-aircraft guns, war, and death. Version 2 incorporated all of the litho graphic components from version 1. Nothing was changed including the Marx logo (which had been updated in 1939). It was images of guns and war that were added. I've included a side by side comparison photo of the two versions.  

In addition to differences in the tower lithography the planes were also altered (besides the obvious difference in color). Version 1 used harmless (gun-less) monoplanes. 

The box is a simple text type printed with the name of the toy, manufacturer name and address. Assembly instructions and schematics were included on one of the side panels. The box art between version 1 and 2 are identical except that the logo was updated. 

Size: 8" tall tower. Monoplanes are 19-1/2" apart when mounted. 

Sold: May 2006

Price Sold: $ 373


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