1951 Marx, Military Aeroplane in Original Box

1951 Marx, Military Aeroplane in Original Box

Extraordinary example of the Military Aeroplane manufactured by Louis Marx & Co. complete with original box. This was one of a collection of nearly 400 mint in box Marx toys that I purchased in 1999. The collection was sold a long time ago, but fortunately I was able to recently repurchase this toy from the original customer. Out of the entire collection this is only the second time that I've been able to locate one of the toys. 

It was originally owned by Louis Marx, President of Louis Marx & Co., New York, NY. Mr. Marx frequently donated his products as gifts to friends and acquaintances. In this case to the Producer of the Ed Sullivan show in New York City. The hoard was discovered in the Producer's attic following his death in 1999. They had never been opened. I purchased the collection several weeks later. 

This is a U.S. Army Military Aeroplane complete with original box and inserts. It's been assembled only once, seven years ago. It's beautifully lithographed with khaki green surfaces topside and chocolate brown on the underside. This is a twin engine model with freely rotating metal propellers. The tires are wide, brown, tin litho embossed with black treads. It also has a third balancing rear metal brown wheel in the rear of the plane.

It's realistically detailed with cockpit windows and split front windshield. It has a top turret machine gun, a bombardier, a tail gunner, plus two side gunners. "U.S. Army", Stars and Bars, and "6" are lithoed on fuselage and wings.

This particular version has its top gunner lithoed in the same direction as the fuselage. 

The box is plain with red text and fold-in endflaps. It includes the name of the toy, manufacturer name, and address. Assembly instructions are printed on the reverse side. It's complete with both original inserts. 

Size: 18" wingspan, 13-1/2" fuselage. 

Sold: Apr. 2007

Price Sold: $ 426


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