1951 Marx G-Man Sparkling Sub-Machine Gun in Original Box

1951 Marx G-Man Sparkling Sub-Machine Gun in Original Box

There's no doubt about it. The Marx G-Man Sparkling Sub-Machine Gun is one of the best looking toys produced during the early 1950's. However, a common problem with this toy is loosening between the metal and plastic components. Rough play takes its toll as the plastic components wear, break, and crack from constant grinding against the metal frame. To find an example that's still solid as a rock is unusual. But the G-Man Sub-Machine Gun you see below is exactly that; solid as a rock! No play, or loosening between metal and plastic. It's in excellent+ to near mint condition, winds and sparks beautifully, and comes complete with its huge original box. 

Awesome toy with detailed tin litho metal frame, separate tin litho bullet drum, red plastic stock, trigger guard and grips, plus a translucent plastic orange barrel. It has an attached chrome plated metal key and uses and internal clockwork motor. A couple winds, squeeze the trigger, and it produces a loud RAT-TAT-TAT sound while sparks fly out from the barrel tip. The flint is easily replaced by lifting up the gun site. The photo below shows an ad for the toy from the 1951 Sears Roebuck Christmas catalog. It sold for $2.29.

The box is just as fantastic as the toy itself! Beautifully printed on a white background with highly contrasted yellow and red highlighted with black. The two main panels show the machine-gun from an angled view set against the concentric circles of a large target. The name of the toy is prominently featured as well as its use of "Modern Plastic".  One of the side panels duplicates most of this text, but also includes three sprite lads with rather "benign" looking grins. The one in front holds the toy and squeezes off a few rounds. The opposite side panel, again, includes all of the text mentioned, plus a schematic of the gun and directions for assembling the canister drum and replacing the flint. The box has both of its original endflaps which are quite often missing. 

Size: 25¾".

Sold: Jul. 2007

Price Sold: $ 327


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