1952 Tarco, Space Pilot Helmet in Original Box

1952 Tarco, Space Pilot Helmet in Original Box

"All the people will sure stop and look when you and your friends ride or march in Space Pilot's parade formation! Not only will you look more like a space flyer of the future, but the spinning propeller will even sound like whizzing through space!" Retail 98¢.

The Tarco Space Pilot Helmet was one of those pre-Sputnik toys that required a lot of imagination, heavy advertising, and a few illustrations to "get off the ground". It's difficult to imagine today that in 1952 any kid would spend a buck on a plastic beanie with a pinwheel. Besides being an incredibly dopey toy, it's also very fragile. This is only the third complete example I've seen.  And although the box has been "Frankensteined" back together it's still only the second box I've seen.

This example is complete with yellow lightning bolt cap with original plaid elastic chin strap, blue flying saucer equipped with original purple alien at the helm and lightning bolt fin, plus its original purple celluloid pinwheel. And as you'll see in one of the photo's it does indeed still work!

The toy comes with its original display box with die cut window. Despite it's condition the graphics still look fantastic. Along side the large die cut man of the future are the infamous catch words, "Sounds like whizzing through space"!

Also shown is an original newspaper advertisement for the helmet from the Lansing, MI State Journal published April 27, 1952.

Size: 8" long, 6" tall, 6" diameter.

Sold: Oct. 2007

Price Sold: $ 169


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