1939 Marx, "Hi-Yo" Silver the Lone Ranger (Chrome Version) in Original Box

1939 Marx,

Rare chrome metallic lithographed version of the famous radio and television western hero. It's the only Marx tin litho in which Silver is really silver! Beautiful toy in excellent+ condition complete with original box. 

The standard version of this toy was lithographed using opaque, gloss lithography. The most noticeable difference in coloration between the two versions is the great horse, Silver, where he was lithoed bright white with black highlights on the hooves and tail. They were both manufactured during the same time period although from my research there was only one metallic toy produced for every four dozen of the standard. They sold for the same amount; 39¢.

Of course the Lone Ranger figure is lithoed in metallic colors as well. His shirt is a cinnamon red color, chaps are cobalt blue and his hat is an awesome copper color. A banner printed with "The Lone Ranger Hi-Yo Silver!" flows over the Ranger's left leg, while copyright date and Marx logo appear on the right side of the saddle blanket. 

It's important to point out that the 1938 date lithoed onto the right side of the saddle blanket refers to the copyright date of the actual Lone Ranger character. The toy itself was manufactured in 1939. This was the same year that Marx altered their long standing logo by adding "Made in United States of America" around the central Mar-X text.

For those unfamiliar with this toy its internal clockwork motor produces a circular vibrating motion which causes the overhead lariat to spin simultaneously. It also makes the Ranger's free-hanging left arm to rock back and forth. The right arm holding the lariat is stationary. The actions of the metallic and standard lithographed versions were identical. And in case I forgot to mention it the toy works great!

The beautifully illustrated red and green box shows the Masked Man in a stance which is nearly identical to the toy. The side panels repeat the name of the toy and show portrait heads of a smiling Lone Ranger and a snorting Silver in opposite corners. The endflaps are all text.

Size: 8".

Sold: Nov. 2007

Price Sold: $ 405


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