1956 Daisy, Annie Oakley Golden Smoke Rifle In Original Box

1956 Daisy, Annie Oakley Golden Smoke Rifle In Original Box

Beautiful Deluxe Annie Oakley's Golden Smoke Rifle by Daisy. Produced as one of the few carbine cowgirl air rifles, it's cocks and shoots a harmless haze of grayish-white smoke from the barrel tip with a simultaneous loud pop. It does not shoot BB's or caps. Complete with its original blue fabric sling, original box, coupon and instructions. It grades as excellent+ to near mint condition. A second Daisy Oakley set was also produced with a matching canteen.

Best of all it works great!

Following the easy instructions using a one-time application of light oil I was able to keep it smoking every time it fired for the past several weeks. You don't need hard to find smoke pellets, matches, or crystals.

Like many of their 1950s era products Daisy used a combination of heavy gauge painted steel and thick solid plastic for its manufacture. The frame, barrel, and trigger guard covering are all gold painted steel. It still has its original red plastic Daisy carbine barrel plug. Both sides of the frame were stamped with western scene showing Annie taking aim while standing side saddle on a galloping horse. It uses a silver painted embossed metal pump lever which clips in securely underneath the stock. It has front and rear metal sights and a stationary metal hammer.

The slim cowgirl style stock is all white plastic with gold painted highlights. It features the circled AO logo on the left rear side. The butt is embossed and gold painted with the Daisy rifle safety pledge. The grip is also white plastic and includes a gold painted Daisy logo on the bottom. The denim colored sling has its original adjustment buckle, front metal clip (which fits over the grip), and rear swivel clip.

The pennant shaped box has illustration and text on every panel. The red and blue colors have a metallic sheen to them although it was difficult to pick up my photo's. The bottom interior was colored the same metallic blue as the exterior. It still has its original $4.98 price sticker on the butt end.

The instruction brochure is actually a three page fold-over hard card stock. In addition to directions it includes, safety and maintenance rules, service and repairs instructions with a photo price parts list, and the owners registration card which has never been filled out. The in-box coupon advertises the Daisy Model 303 Bullseye Scope for $3.98 and includes its original blank form.

Size: 32"

Date Sold: Mar. 2008

Price Sold: $ 588


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