1957 Biller Nr.90 Remote Control Helicopter in Original Box

1957 Biller Nr.90 Remote Control Helicopter in Original Box

Hans Biller, Nuremberg, Germany produced several "remote control" platform landing toys. In this case it's a helicopter with spinning overhead propeller. Colorful toy features two controllers and an unusual double key wind system. It's complete, and in excellent+ to near mint condition. It comes with its fantastic original box plus original instructions.

The toy consists of a rectangular elevated platform with two rubber tipped lever controls on one end.  Several country flags decorate the edges. One lever changes the speed of the copter, while the other controls its height. The far end of the platform has a revolving, bubble like control tower with two paralell metal rods attached. The copter is attached to the end of the rods. 

It uses an unusual double key wind mechanism. The helicopter winds up separately from the base. A small switch located on the right side of the copter prevents the propeller from spinning while its being wound. The clockwork mechanism bult into the base is wound with the lever in the stop position. When ready the operator releases both levers. The copter propellers spin while the operator alters its speed and height. The overall effect is very realistic. 

As with many European tin toys the original box features four different, panel wide color illustrations. Each is beautifully detailed and colored, but only one shows the actual toy. Two of the remaining three panels show the copter in authentic settings. This includes 1) copter parked on an airport runway, and 2) flying above industrial factories. The last panel merges the real and unreal. It shows the copter circling the landing platform. A young blond haired lad dressed in a pilot's uniform controls the toy. A city looms in the background. The endflaps were printed with the catalog number and company logo. Both the toy and box are marked "Made In Western Germany".

The schematized instructions were printed in four languages; English, Italian, Spanish, and German. Each consists of a complex list of six directions. This is the first set of instructions I've found for one of these platform toys.

Size: Platform 8½" x 3¼" x 2½" (including bubble tower). Helicopter 3¾". Connecting rods 3¾". Copter fully extended 13". 

Sold: Dec. 2007

Price Sold: $ 405


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