1959 Technofix, No.294 Clockwork Mining Train in Original Box

1959 Technofix, No.294 Clockwork Mining Train in Original Box

Fabulous tin litho clockwork Mining Train (or Föfderbahn) manufactured by Technofix. Very conservatively graded excellent+ to near mint condition. Comes with beautifully illustrated original box plus original nickel plated cast iron Technofix key. 

Three piece hinged toy measures nearly a yard long, yet fits into a 14" wide box. The toy is essentially a diorama which features Technofix' patented clockwork activated track. Motor inside the diesel locomotive engine is only activated when it engages raised horizontal striations pressed into the track. These arelocated only on the ramp leading into the upper tunnel. It turns off automatically when passing over flat track. Gravity does the rest. In this way one "wind-up" will last through many more repetitions that it would otherwise. 

Basically it's an over-under toy with an unusual double ramp spring mechanism and two cars (locomotive and tender). Most of these toys use only one car. Starting from the low end (striped red and white caution lithography) it rolls by gravity to the first ramp, travels up and through the first tunnel. Passing through the tunnel it moves onto a spring loaded ramp which lowers it to the bottom level track. Once it's down, it rolls slightly forward allowing the ramp to spring back up into position. The angle then cause the train to roll backwards where it passes through the twin brick tunnel. The first ramp is not spring loaded. The force of the train hitting against it from the bottom pushes it up permitting the train to move to the end of the track. The cycle then repeats. Best of all it works great!

The amount of detail and array of colors is just amazing. As you can see below, rather than describe all of this I shot many up-close and distant photo's. "Made in Western Germany" was lithoed onto the side of the toy and rear of the locomotive.

The box includes an accurate color illustration of the mining train on the cover. Most notable is the absence of any text. No logo, no nothing. That information is included on the side aprons where the catalog number and "Made in Western Germany" were also printed. 

Size: 34½". 

Sold: Nov. 2007

Price Sold: $ 610


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