1957 Marx, Friction Sportster Convertible in Original Box

1957 Marx, Friction Sportster Convertible in Original Box

Huge 20" lithographed tin, friction powered Sportster Convertible by Louis Marx & Co. In excellent+ condition complete with all original parts including windshield. Large vehicle comes complete with its beautifully illustrated original box.

The Marx company used this body style to produce several similar cars. Changes to the lithography and the addition of specific parts created many variations. Most are undocumented. Those that I've found include a Fire Chief car, Army Staff Car, Four Door Sedan, Suburban Station Wagon, Dick Tracy car, and Ambulance. I believe that a Taxi and Police Car were also made although I've never seen them.

The Sportster's most prominent feature is its extensive detailing. This is important especially in relation to its size. The design incorporates the "look" of several full-size vehicles that were popular at the time. This includes its wide, tall embossed grille, wrap around bumpers, arrow head hood ornament, "chrome" fender trim, raised front and rear quarter panels, embossed side molding, pleated double bench seat interior, fully detailed dashboard, 1½" diameter metal steering wheel, clear transparent windshield, solid plate chassis, black rubber tires, and loud friction motor. 

The cars was designed using only two pieces of lithographed tinplate; the body and chassis. To reduce kid-type injuries the cut metal edges were folded and rolled. This provided a smooth, rounded joint. It also made it very difficult to repair.

The seldom seen box was printed with portrait illustrations on the main and side panels. A cityscape is shown in the background. The side panels also include a short set of instructions. The endflaps show the vehicle from a "head-on" view. It still has its original $2.98 Newberry's price sticker on one of the endflaps. 

Size: 20" x 8½" x 5¼".

Sold: Nov. 2008

Price Sold: $ 380


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