c.1950 Marx, Rex Mars Space Target Game in Original Box

c.1950 Marx, Rex Mars Space Target Game in Original Box

"Rex Mars" was the licensed name which the Marx Company copyrighted to compete with the growing popularity with space hero's and science fiction. From my research, this Space Target Game was the first toy which used the Rex Mars name. This accounts for its scarcity (I've seen only two or three other examples including one from the Sotheby's, Griffith Robot collection). It may also be the reason why the name was misspelled as Rex Mar's on the box. This example is in unused near mint to near mint+ condition complete with targets, space rifle, and wooden bullets. It comes with its original box. 

It's a simple, yet unusual toy. Five different plastic space critters hang from a rod attached to a tin litho base. Point values are noted below each figure. Load the rifle, fire when ready, and the little plastic space guy will spin and spin. In 1950 it probably wasn't at the top of most Christmas lists, but today it's weirdness is what makes it so attractive.  It was available for only one year.

The plastic targets include two aliens, a robot, and two very bad space guys. The two figures on the end are nearly transparent. The other three are translucent and have a metallic sheen. The litho base shows a space port with ships and spires in the background. The rifle is also plastic, with a plastic bolt. The trigger and guard are die cast metal. It's complete with six original wooden silver bullets, whose design dates back to the early 1930's. 

The all-text box includes the name of the toy, manufacturer name, address, trademark, and logo. 

Size: 13½" x 5½". 

Sold: Nov. 2007

Price Sold: $ 512


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