1959 Masudaya, MGA 1600 Convertible in Original Box

1959 Masudaya, MGA 1600 Convertible in Original Box

Spectacular tin litho friction drive MGA 1600 Convertible manufactured by Masudaya in near mint condition. Comes complete with original box in high grade excellent+ to near mint condition. 

Features brilliant cherry red embossed tin litho body, single black chassis plate, green dual bucket seats, fold-down clear celluloid windshield, rubber tires with tin litho hubs, chrome plated metal grille with authentic MG logo, and wrap around chrome front and rear bumpers. Additional chrome parts include the windshield frame , head lights, and tail lights. The rear metal license plate sits perpendicular to the trunk and is separately tabbed to the body. The steering wheel is plastic and the rear wheels are friction driven. The friction motor works well.

The Masudaya logo was lithoed onto the dashboard interior wall just in front of the passenger seat.

The toy is a very accurate representation of the actual auto. A photo of a real '59 MGA 1600 (see below) shows just how close Masudaya's model is to the original. 

The two piece box labeled simply "Friction MG Car". Includes a color illustration of the vehicle in "speeding" ¾ perspective. The Masudaya (Modern Toys) logo was printed in the lower right cover corner. It still has it's original 79¢ Woolworth's price sticker on one end.

Size: 8½".

Sold: Feb. 2008

Price Sold: $ 692


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