GRAND OLD TOYS is the only FREE antique toy Archive on the Internet. No registration. No username. No password. Just lots of stuff to look at. Actually lots and lots and lots to look at.

Grand Old Toys is not a news site. It’s not an auction site. It’s for reference; free to read, but not to copy. 

It's also a For Sale site, but not a 'sales' site. That's because collector's consistently want....Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y. And quality is tough to find. Every toy that I have For Sale has a grand total of one (1) in stock. Regardless of rarity, regardless of demand....quality is always numero uno! They're the best I can find.

The toys you see in the Archive section are not for sale. They’re provided as a reference for collectors, or just for fun to look through. Some have been published such as in the 2nd Edition of the Antiques Roadshow Primer.

The Archive is based on every toy I've sold, photographed, and/or collected over the past 25 years. I've personally researched, wrote, and photographed every one. Right now there’s only a few hundred toys listed. Eventually it’ll balloon up to several thousand.

Of course like Louis Marx said “have you all of them”. Probably never, but the Archive and For Sale toys will continue to grow. Grand Old Toys will always be a work in progress.

14 day money back guarantee for full purchase price minus shipping costs, if you're not satisfied FOR ANY REASON. This guarantee is void if your returned item is not in the same condition as originally shipped. I do not charge "restocking" fees.

I do not sell reproduction toys. I guarantee to refund your purchase in full, if any toy I sell is found to be a reproduction for as long as you own the toy. This offer applies only if the toy has not been resold, and only to the original buyer.

Condition is everything! I always strive, whenever possible, to sell only toys that are complete and in original condition. However, I will always indicate in those rare instances when parts have been replaced or when touch-ups have been made.

In addition to the Data Base and For Sale sections there are links to several current ebay auctions listed as American Toys (member name: dannyK). I've been using ebay since November, 1997.

Question forms are included at the bottom of every toy archive page. Questions/comments involving the web site, or antique toys in general is also provided.

The Links section is small now, but over time will encompass many more antique toy sites.

Literature (that is toy books) are a great source of information. Although most are out of print they can still be found by diligent searching. They may take some time to find, but at least now you know what to search for.

Want to contact me? It's easy. Click on the Questions section where you'll find a real address and wonder-of-wonders... a real telephone number!

That's it for now. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks again and Happy Collecting!


Grand Old Toys