1953 Charlmar (Marx), Pan Am World Airways Airplane in Original Box

1953 Charlmar (Marx), Pan Am World Airways Airplane in Original Box

Spectacular die cut two piece pressed steel No. 1679 Pan American World Airways passenger airplane by Marx. From the estate of the original owner its never been assembled or played with. It comes with its original set of instructions. Its complete with the original box plus insert. Still attached to the box are its original shipping label (to store) and mailing label (to consumer). It's in excellent+ near mint condition!

This was the largest toy airplane that the Marx Company manufactured with a fuselage length of over 21" and a wingspan of more than two feet. It has four metal propeller engines, two pairs of rear wooden landing gear tires, and a single tripod-type front tire. The toy is all pressed steel with silver painted finish. Each side of the fuselage has four upper die cut windows,  12 lower windows, one door window, and two cockpit windows. The right side (starboard) has two embossed doors, while the left (port) has a single embossed door. 

Marx produced two variations of this plane. This silver version was the second of the two. The first had a blue and white enameled finish and was marked "Clipper Meteor". "Pan American World Airways" decals appear on each side of the fuselage along with a generic "PAA" logo. These replaced an authentic Pan Am logo used on the first version. The plane identification number and PAA logo were stenciled onto the wings. The ID number was also stenciled onto both sides of the upright tail wing.The first version was sold with Marx figures and a loading ramp. 

The box is standard cardboard printed only with the catalog number, name, and fragile. It's noticeably lacking a Marx logo, name and address. Instead it's original shipping label to Sears-Roebuck in Chicago was marked as the "Charlmar Company". Similar to the Linemar subsidiary, Charlmar (and Charmore) were company names created by Marx for "tax purposes". It was named for Charlene Marx, the wife of David Marx, brother of Louis Marx. It also has its original mailing label complete with $1.05 in postage stamps. In addition it comes with its original cardboard insert.

At the bottom of the box I found the original "instructions for assembly". It's the only thing marked with the Louis Marx name. Although very fragile it is complete and shows tab assembly between the wings and fuselage.

Size: 21½" fuselage, 27½" wingspan. 

Sold: Dec. 2007

Price Sold: $ 411


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