c.1925 Arcade, "No Parking Not Even Buicks" Steel Sign

c.1925 Arcade,

Arcade produced this "No Parking" lollipop style free standing sign as a promotional item for Buick auto dealerships during the early to mid-1920's. 

It consists of a double-sided steel lithoed 2" diameter disk riveted to a 2½" long narrow steel rod. The rod is embedded into the center of a 2" beveled cast iron base. The underside of the base is covered with its original green felt fabric.

It's colored dark blue with pale yellow text (probably was white originally). "No Parking" is emphasized in bold capitol letters and underlined. "Not even" was printed in smaller size lower case so it wouldn't detract from the larger Buick logo. "Buicks" was printed in flowing scripted letters, slanted upwards, and is authentic to their early 1920's logo (see photo below). 

Size: 4½" tall. 

Sold: Feb. 2008

Price Sold: $ 204


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