c.1957 Kaname, Remote Control Car Fleet in Original Box

c.1957 Kaname, Remote Control Car Fleet in Original Box

Extraordinary battery operated tin litho Remote Control Car Fleet manufactured by Kaname, Japan. Uses a single remote controller which plugs into a socket on the rear trunk of each vehicle. Complete and unused in near mint+ condition with original box plus all inserts. 

Two door coupe body style is identical for all three. Most closely resembles a 1956, or '57 Plymouth. They're all tin litho with flat, two dimensional tin litho interior. Includes cherry red "Chief" car, black and white "Police" car, and mint green "Passenger" car.  

Each is characterized by a large pair of slanted tail fins with pyramidal shaped taillights. Chromed plated highlights include front grille and wrap around bumper assembly, head lights, hood ornament, front and rear windshield frames, wrap around rear bumper, and wheel hubs. Tires are solid rubber. Tail lights and battery socket are plastic. Chassis is all black and single plate covering the entire underside of the car. The Kaname logo is stamped into the rear section of the chassis. 

The blue vinyl, two button, plastic controller has its original battery paper insert and is embossed with the Kaname logo. The twisted pair of white, remote control wires are over two feet long and still have their original paper banding. Buttons on the controller move the vehicles forward or reverse. Simultaneously, the roof mounted emergency lights on the Chief and Police cars will also flash and produce a loud siren sound whenever either button is pressed. The mint green Passenger vehicle has nothing additional to compensate for lacking the siren and light. The front wheels on all three vehicles can be positioned manually for right, left, or straight movement.

The box is just fantastic. It's a die cut window display style. The boy and the cars on the cover will lift up and fold backwards to stand up straight for display. The box illustrations of each car are closer in resemblance to an actual vehicle. The Police car is similar to a Lincoln, Fire Chief car a Plymouth, and the Passenger car an Imperial. The front box apron has an illustration which is similar to the cover, but much less stylized. The rear apron shows only the Fire Chief car with controller and text. The two side aprons contain the name of the toy in red, yellow and white bold text. 

The interior of the box is also unique. Its two sides and rear panels are covered with a second panel showing a city skyline design. Also included are three flat glossy cardboard inserts (separate vehicles) and three looped cardboard ribbon inserts (protect car roofs). 

Size: Cars 7½", Box 11" x 8" x 3".

Sold: Apr. 2008

Price Sold: $ 658


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