c.1948 Marx, Super Streamline Racer #12 in Original Box

c.1948 Marx, Super Streamline Racer #12 in Original Box

Outrageous example of the Marx' classic mechanical Super Streamline Racer #12 complete with seldom found original box. Whopping 16"+ tin litho in amazing unused near mint+ condition. Box, although repaired, shows no sign of shelf, edge, or corner wear. 

A prewar version of this toy was manufactured in 1942 with a tin litho driver. After the war a plastic driver was used. The body styles of the pre and post war versions are identical; low to the ground torpedo with embossed hood dividers, front grille, cowl, and chassis. Brilliant red body with 12 engine exhausts (six on both sides). Yellow, black, and white colors were used to maximize contrast (i.e., eye candy). 

The red on black tin litho, pressed disk wheels with embossed treads were new to this version. This example also still has its original front rubber bumper complete and intact. Upper and lower body halves were roll sealed together. Mechanical spring motor is capable of forward movement only. 

Original box features two full panel width illustrations of the sleek racer with the driver waving. Side panels show the racer "full-out" trailing exhaust behind him. Intent on his driving he is no longer waving.

Size: 16½" x 5½"

Sold: Mar. 2006

Price Sold: $ 555


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