1922 Ferdinand Strauss, Original 28pg. Catalog

1922 Ferdinand Strauss, Original 28pg. Catalog

Over the years I've found several antique toy catalogs, but this is the first one I've ever found, or seen, which advertised toys manufactured by The Ferdinand Strauss Corporation, NY, NY. It's actually a mini catalog which may have been included inside a box when you bought one of their toys. It's 28 pages in total and provides information for 27 different Strauss toys; one toy per page. 

The first page is all text. It tells a little about the company, how happy kiddies are with their Strauss toys, and how to find their toys if their dealer doesn't have them. The remaining 27 pages are devoted to 27 different Strauss toys. Each includes a black and white photograph, a catalog number, size, price, a short statement regarding the toys' actions, and a cartoon illustration. These illustrations show two children dressed in different costumes. One with an "F" and the other an "S" on the front. They show the children in imaginary vignettes with the specific toy. Today, every one of these toys is difficult to find.

The pages are held together with one staple. It may also have had a cover, but it's difficult to tell for sure. I've shown several of the pages below, but not all. Here's what's included:

  • Flutter Butterfly
  • Yellow Speedster
  • Haul-Away Truck
  • Speed Boat
  • Twin Trolleys
  • Yell-O-Taxi
  • Alabama Coon Jigger
  • Jenny The Balking Mule
  • Scout Flyer
  • Tom Twist the Funny Clown
  • Red Cap Porter
  • SR-47 Zeppelin
  • What's It?
  • Dizzie Lizzie
  • All-Aboard Limited
  • Jitney Bus
  • Water Sprinkler Truck
  • Klassy-Kar
  • Ham and Sam The Minstrel Team
  • Black Diamond Coal Truck
  • Parcel Post Truck
  • Santee Claus
  • Interstate Bus
  • Emergency Tow Car
  • Big Show Circus
  • Railway Express
  • Bus De Luxe

Size: 2" x 3".

Sold: Feb. 2006

Price Sold: $ 83


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