1940 Marx, Flippo the Jumping Dog in Original Box

1940 Marx, Flippo the Jumping Dog in Original Box

Yes, Flippo The Jumping Dog......Wheeeeee (that's what's printed on the box). Popular little clockwork tin litho toy it was manufactured for 10 years in at least three variations. This example is in excellent+ condition and comes complete with his original box.

Great looking toy with embossed lithographed blue-green fur set against a white body. Patches of brown and black throughout. This is the third known version which has more brown and black patches than version 1. All versions have Flippo dressed in a studded red collar and cape with yellow trim. Early versions have the name spelled with only one "P". In another version he has no collar. 

Strong clockwork motor releases tension intermittently causing the hind legs to push down rapidly (clockwise). This causes Flippo to somersault over backwards. Arms swing freely with limited movement. Rarely does he land on his feet which accounts for his typical head scuffs and scratches. Operated using start/stop switch located above the tail. The key is attached.

Original black on white printed box shows cartoon-like drawings of Flippo in action. Cover shows Flippo in a partial backflip with the word "Wheeee" spelled out above him. Side panels show a head portrait of Flippo winking and smiling.

Size: 4" long, 3½" tall.

Sold: Oct. 2006

Price Sold: $ 178


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