c.1955 ALPS, Planet Explorer X-1 Space Tank in Original Box

c.1955 ALPS, Planet Explorer X-1 Space Tank in Original Box

Immense 12½" long, battery operated, lithographed tinplate Planet Explorer X-1 Space Tank manufactured by ALPS. Scarce toy it comes complete with original color box. The only other example of this toy and box I've seen was at the Sotheby's, Griffith Robot sale, December 2000, Lot 318. 

Marvelous toy features multiple complex actions. It moves randomly and quickly in any direction with "mystery action". Simultaneously the twin ack-ack cannons, fire continuously while emitting a loud blasting sound. The cannons move in alternate directions in and out. The blasting sound never stops. 

While it's moving around and blasting sounds, a large 2#" domed, bezel color wheel on the top of the turret sends out a beacon of alternating colors of red, green, and blue. The flashing lights combined with bezel cut angles in the top of the dome appears to make the colors blend and rotate clockwise. In addition, alternating colored lights beam through the sides of the turret. Their flashing make them appear to move forward and back. All this goes on while the original plastic antenna grid rotates round and round. Everything works beautifully. 

Huge toy, wildly covered and embossed with litho detail. 16 bogey wheels, a rear ventilator cover, a rear metal platform which raises and lowers, the atomic symbol with nucleus and electrons (on the rear turret in back of the color wheel), raised front spotlights and side missiles, and red and yellow pin-striping throughout. 

The original box features an awesome full color illustration of the Planet Explorer crossing the lunar surface. Earthrise (of course with the U.S.A. in view) looms out in space. The side panels show similar drawings.. It still has its original $3.99 Gimbel's price sticker on the side. 

Size: 12½" x 6" x 6" (not including the antenna).

Sold: Mar. 2006

Price Sold: $ 493


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