1929 Wolverine, No.65 Sunny Andy Fun Fair in Original Box

1929 Wolverine, No.65 Sunny Andy Fun Fair in Original Box

Ingenious, mechanical non-wind, steel and tin litho toy by Wolverine complete with scarce original box. Features a colorful amusement park type ride with six, three dimensional children; three boys and three girls. Each is lithoed on both sides. In back of them are the yellow and red tent flagged roofs. The kids are connected together by a series of wired levers running underneath the green "grass" base. Movement of one will move them all. It's the mechanism of their movement that's so ingenious. 

On the reverse side of the toy are two square yellow columns connected to a swiveling brass hub. This unit is called the "magazine". Each column is called a "barrel".  The magazine can be rotated right or left (see below). 13 chrome plated, steel ball bearings are placed into one of the hollow barrels. Rotating the magazine loads the balls into a "trap door" located near the lower left corner of the word "Fun" on the back drop. 

(See below)

  • The first ball enters the trap door. Gently lifting and releasing the teeter-totter girl causes the boy on the other end to swing upwards. As this happens his teeter-totter strikes against a lever which holds the trap door in place.
  • This releases the first ball (1). It's caught in a donut-like holder located on the end of the teeter-totter (2).
  • The weight of the ball swings the totter down to a position where the ball rolls off the holder into a red tray (3).
  • A hole in the bottom of the tray allows the ball to roll through the background to be caught and reloaded into the empty magazine barrel.
  • The totter swings back upwards when the ball is released allowing it to strike against the trap door lever and the cycle repeats.
  • It'll continue back and forth collecting and dropping the ball bearings until there are none left.
  • Rotating the magazine in the opposite direction automatically reloads the balls for another round. It's a completely closed system. There's no need to manually re-stuff the ball bearings into the magazine!

The toy comes with its full color box decorated with art deco shapes and various carnival graphics. Directions for loading the toy are printed on the inside bottom cover. 

Size: 14" x 3½" x 6"

Sold: Feb. 2006

Price Sold: $ 659


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