1970 Ichiko, Mercedes Benz 300 SE Coupe in Original Box

1970 Ichiko, Mercedes Benz 300 SE Coupe in Original Box

Huge 2 foot long authentically designed Mercedes Benz 300 SE tin litho automobile with friction drive motor and original box with insert. Although not particularly difficult to find used, because of its size and bulk it's nearly impossible to locate complete and in high grade condition. This example is complete with the original (and elusive) Mercedes Benz logo hood ornament still sealed in factory bag. It's never been played with and grades near mint+. 

Dazzling cherry red coupe with realistic embossed body. Blue plaid interior with detailed dashboard and plastic steering wheel. Tinted transparent front and rear windshields with matching blue over/under front headlight covers. Chrome plated components include its gigantic Benz grille with authentic logo, wrap around front and rear bumpers, embossed hub cap covers with Benz logo's, headlight frames, front and rear windshield frames, and passenger and driver door handles. Tires are vinyl with detailed treads and sidewalls. Chassis is one-piece, black lithoed solid plate and all embossed. Also includes original Ichiko factory sticker on rear trunk lid and both Mercedes Benz license plates.

Large box printed in red and blue with different perspective illustrations on every panel. Graphics on side panels suggest that toddlers can ride on top of the car (which would of course immediately squish the roof and crack the windshields). Top lid is hinged from the rear to lift up. Includes original insert with die cut wheel wells. 

Size: 24" x 8½" x 6". Weight 4½ pounds. 

Sold: Jun. 2006

Price Sold: $ 283


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