1941 Manoil The Happy Farm Set In Original Box

1941 Manoil The Happy Farm Set In Original Box

Beautiful, never played with, and all original painted cast lead "The Happy Farm Set" by Manoil. Comes complete with all 10 figures in unused near mint to mint condition in their original full color window box with interlocking inserts. Also includes full color outer sleeve with 17 uncut  "cut-outs". Scarce set especially this nice!

The set includes the following figures. Each has two designations. The "M" number refers to O'Brien's book on Collecting Toy Soldier. The "/" is the original catalog number assigned by Manoil and embossed in raised letters on the reverse side of each figure. The size refers to the figure's height. Beginning at the top row from left to right.

  • M152 41/24 Hound (1-5/8") - brown & white Coonhound, near mint + with two tiny chips on left cheek and shoulder. Right side has two minute chips on hindquarters. 
  • M143 41/15 Scarecrow with Straw Hat (2½") - blue coat & stand, white hands & face, yellow hat. Pristine mint condition. 
  • M142 41/14 Darky Eating Watermelon (2-7/8") - white trousers, shirt, & fence. Dark brown face, hands, shoes. Red & green watermelon. Superb near mint+ with pinpoint size chip on nose, lips, & chin. One of the highest grade I've seen. 
  • M156 41/28 Lady with Pie (2¾") - outstanding near mint++ with only a minutia chip of nose tip 
  • M159 41/31 Girl Watering Flowers - (2¾") - near mint with teeny chip on yellow ribbon, hat brim, & base edge. 
  • M167 41/39 Farmer at Water Pump - (2¾") - EXC+ to near mint with pinpoint size wear spots on face, pump, pump handle, knuckles, trouser seat and rear right leg. 
  • M137 41/9   Farmer Cutting Corn (2¾") - Absolutely perfect mint condition without a single flaw. 
  • M138 41/10 Farmer Sowing Grain (2-7/8") - high grade near mint with two small wear spots on the back side of the shoes. 
  • M135 41/7   Blacksmith Making Horseshoes (2-7/8") - near mint with tiny wear spots on hat brim, anvil corner, right rear elbow, apron corner, and right rear buttocks. 
  • M150 41/22 Blacksmith with Wheel (2¾") - near mint++ with only a single pinpoint size chip on orange apron 
  • Box 10¼" x 16" x 1½" 

Date Sold: Mar. 2010

Price Sold: $ 532


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