1930 Wolverine, No. 60 Sandy Andy in Original Box

1930 Wolverine, No. 60 Sandy Andy in Original Box

The No. 60 Sandy Andy toy manufactured by Wolverine Supply & Mfg. Co. was advertised in the 1930 Montgomery Ward catalog as "a willing worker". It was sold postage paid for 67¢.

This toy was Wolverine's hallmark mechanical sand toy. This example has never been played with. The original colors are fantastic. It's complete with all parts including its unopened sand container with sand. It also comes with its super scarce original box. It's the first time I've seen the box for this toy. 

Exactly as stated in the 1930 Montgomery Ward catalog, "car travels up inclined railway, opens the trap in sand hopper. When car is filled with sand, hopper closes, car descends and dumps sand in can at bottom of track. Repeats operation as long as there is sand in hopper". This mechanical device consists of five components. Actually there's seven components because it still includes the original string and can of sand! It works beautifully (manually tripping the hopper without using sand). It's all pressed steel construction with cast iron weight.

Original box features fully laid out schematics to assemble and use the toy. The box is infrequently found because as the company states "make the carton into a tray to catch any sand that might spill". Most likely they were quickly destroyed. This example, although extremely brittle, yellowed, and having had 5% of the cardboard replaced, is still an awesome companion piece to the toy.

Size: 11" tall x 9" long (with cart lowered). 

Sold: Jun. 2006

Price Sold: $ 415


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