1960 Georg Kohler, Merrily Singing Bird in Original Box

1960 Georg Kohler, Merrily Singing Bird in Original Box

Outstanding mint in box example of wonderfully animated tin litho "bird". Beautifully detailed, realistic movement, and it even sings! Comes complete with original color illustrated box. 

As a Köhler toy it also fulfills one of its most important aspects. That is, it comes complete with its original nickel plated, cast iron embossed Köhler key. The key is actually more difficult to find than the toy although its high grade condition is rarely found.  

The lithography found on this toy is fantastic. It has every color of the rainbow and the level of detail is seldom seen. It's all tin litho with hard plastic feet. It uses an internal clockwork motor to animate turning of it's head, movement of the its beak, flapping wings, and flapping tail. Intricately designed whistles attached to small bellows in the chest are mechanically pumped by it's left wing when it flaps. A repeated cuckoo sound emanates from holes located underneath this wing. The overall effect is very realistic. The toy is marked "Made in Western Germany".

The colorful box is illustrated with two bird toy variations. Both are shown on one panel. The opposite panel shows the specific version that should match the box. The German title  translates to "Merrily Singing Bird" which is the correct English name for the toy. 

To have this toy complete with its original Köhler key is a real treat. I've shown both sides of it below. One look will tell you why it's never been reproduced. 

Size: 8" long, 5" tall. 

Sold: Aug. 2006

Price Sold: $ 431


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