1942 Wolverine No 59 Shoot A Loop In Original Box

1942 Wolverine No 59 Shoot A Loop In Original Box

Pressed steel marble game complete with seven marbles. Also includes rare original box. The toy isn't too difficult to find, but it's the only complete box I've seen.

"Unusual marble game with an action and appearance that makes it look worth much more than its actual price. Marble is shot from spring in base. It rolls speedily up and around the loop track. It requires real skill to hit one of the high scores." From the Wolverine Quality Toys Catalog 1942

Box features a neat pre-war illustration printed in red and blue on white background. Shows a hand reaching down and pulling away the spring shooter. Each letter of the toy name was drawn in perspective. The 3-dimensional appearance used the letter "O" to represent the actual track with three marbles already landed. The four aprons are identical. The back of the box has a very complete set of directions for playing. It still has its original 98¢ price written in grease pencil in one corner.

The box is especially difficult to find because of the unusual shape of the toy. The edges of the loop, base, and even the shooter handle can easily force their way though since no padding was used. In fact it was scarce enough to be professionally restored by Randy's Toy Shop. Only one interior flap was replaced.

The seven identical yellow and white glass marbles are not original to the toy and works great!

Size: 8" long, 9¼" tall.

Date Sold: Apr. 2011

Price Sold: $ 67


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