1942 Marx, Camouflage Four-Motor Transport Plane in Original Box

1942 Marx, Camouflage Four-Motor Transport Plane in Original Box

Outstanding clockwork, tin litho, tri-colored matte finish with black highlights World War II camouflaged "Flying Fortress" complete with its original box. Although produced from 1938-42 and again in 1951, this version of Marx' Military Aeroplane was their top of the line model in 1942. It was also the last pre-war airplane that the company released.

You can tell this model apart from other years because it was the only time that the bombardier (rear gunner) was lithographed vertically (up and down) in the same position as the fuselage. All other models had the bombardier lithoed horizontally. 

It has all the bells and whistles, which in this case include four engines, instead of the usual two engines, a rear metal wheel (which doesn't wear out like rubber or wood),  chrome plated manual twirling propellers, and twin mounted sparkling machine guns on each wing. I replaced the flints so both guns shower sparks. The motor works beautifully.

It also features a four gear step down motor, "balloon" type tires, twin upright tail-wings, and of course that awesome lithography. Notice that every gun port is manned. Also, the rivet heads, rather than plain black dots are actually open circles with a rivet head on them! This is a perfect example of Marx quality at its best!

The huge box is minus it's original inserts. It's printed with simple text, bright red on a white background. The box never varied between the different versions of the plane. It's also the second time I've found this clockwork toy in a box marked "friction powered". The first was a factory sample so it was correct. Quality control wasn't what it is today. Again, in this instance it's also the correct and original box for this toy.  

Size: 13½" long with 18" wingspan.

Sold: Jul. 2006

Price Sold: $ 482


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