c.1946 Johann Höfler, No.400 Clap Railway in Original Box

c.1946 Johann Höfler, No.400 Clap Railway in Original Box

Unusual eight piece clockwork railway set manufactured by Johann Höfler, Bavaria. Marked "Made in U.S. Zone Germany" it's in excellent working condition and comes complete with original box and instruction sheet.

The set consists of a single yellow and orange clockwork rail car with separate key. Four sections of aluminum track, which are elevated using two metal  risers, connect to a pressed steel spring activated "de-escalator".

The rail car is tin litho with metal wheels. It enters the de-escalator and is stopped by a tin litho gate. The spring balanced mechanism reacts to the weight of the car. Once inside, the container lowers, the gate automatically raises by pushing against the base, and the car is released. Lightening of the load allows the container to spring back up into position; ready to again receive the car. Neat little toy and it works great. 

Very old style pressed paper box features full color print on the cover. It shows a fantasy scene with the railway running through a grassy field of dandelions, mushrooms, and butterflies. The box was manufactured using turn of the century technology. It closely resembles a Lehmann toy box right down to the 90° angle corner staples. Also included is it's original fragile instruction sheet. In addition to assembly directions it also lists the contents of the box which confirms that the set is complete. The opposite side includes the directions written in German. 

Size: Assembled 22" x 15". Railway car 2¾". 

Sold: Aug. 2006

Price Sold: $ 357


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