c.1958 Asahai, NBC Television Car in Original Box

c.1958 Asahai, NBC Television Car in Original Box

Outstanding green and pale yellow tin litho National Broadcasting Company Television Car in original box. Vehicle comes complete with both original roof mounted, swiveling tripod cameras which enabled viewers to see above the crowd.

Friction powered bus modeled after the early on-the-scene remote broadcasting vehicles. "NBC" and "National Broadcasting Company In"  lithoed on both sides. "NBC Television" lithoed above front windshield. Asahi produced a second version replacing the word National with Cragston (the U.S. distributor). A third brown and white version also had the NBC logo replaced with CBC. 

Ron Smith and William Gallagher's book on Commercial Tin Toy Cars does not document the version offered in this auction (with both National Broadcasting Company, Inc. and NBC Television logos). Most likely the use of the NBC logo was unlicensed and required modification. Of the three versions the one you see below was probably first. 

The toy also has chrome plated bumpers and hub caps, solid rubber tires single plate chassis and embossed windows and doors. The camera lenses are also chrome plated. 

The colorful box shows the "television car" with cameramen attending to each roof camera. The NBC logos match those found on the toy. A Cragston logo was also printed on the box. It still has its original 59¢ price sticker. 

Size: 6¼".

Sold: Jan. 2007

Price Sold: $ 616


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