1924 Strauss, Boob McNutt in Original Box

1924 Strauss, Boob McNutt in Original Box

Super scarce high grade example of Strauss's classic tin litho clockwork toy 'Boob McNutt" complete with it's elusive (and incredibly rare) original box. Based on the character created by Rube Goldberg the comic strip was published coast to coast from 1915 to 1934. The toy grades an incredible excellent+. The box grades an astounding near mint condition.. 

Strauss manufactured two versions of the toy. One with, and the other without, a hat. The hair styles and heads were also different. Today, either version seldom appears at auction and those that do typically grade from poor to fair condition. I've never seen it offered with its original box. In fact, the box you see below is a first for me. I've never seen it before.  

It's a simple enough toy. Hinged at the waist it mechanically moves it's upper body from side to side. Its arms hang down freely and swing to the movement of the torso. The movement is sufficient enough to make the toy vibrate, or "walk". All parts including arms, hat, and shoes are original. The key is attached. Best of all it works beautifully!

The color illustrated box panels shows a happy, carefree Boob dancing a jig down the street. The side panels each have a different four segment comic strip. These give you a good idea of what the original strip looked like. The endflaps feature that great Strauss "ringed earth" logo along with the name of the toy and manufacturer's address. Lightly written in pencil on the bottom endflap is the number "45". Presumably this was the original price. The logo also appears on the soles of each shoe.

Size: 8½" tall. 

Sold: Aug. 2006

Price Sold: $ 1200


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