1932 Marx, Tumbling Monkey & Trapeze in Original Box

1932 Marx, Tumbling Monkey & Trapeze in Original Box

Outstanding clockwork tin litho acrobatic toy manufactured by Marx. It was one of the company's earliest non-celluloid acrobat toy which featured a non-human figure. This example comes complete with it's original trapeze stand, rings, and cast iron key. It also includes its super scarce original box.

Basically acrobatic toys do mid-air somersaults and this toy is no different. It was advertised as "monkey on trapeze who can show you some real acrobatic stunts". In addition, the box was illustrated with a cartoon figure doing twists and turns with one or two hands. It can do these things, but at a slow methodic speed. Not exactly what the 1932 buyer would expect. 

The toy is complete and all original including the two hanging rings and tin litho base. The toy works great, but to avoid scratching it I didn't want to try all of the possible swinging configurations. 

The colorful monkey is dressed in a  red vest with black collar. The ears are lithoed so it barely resembles a real monkey, but it's that weirdness which makes it so attractive. The arms revolve clockwise so the body tumble forward. The key is very old and appears to be original. It originally sold for 20¢.

The original box includes six schematic type illustrations showing various monkey tumbling positions. The toy name, manufacturer name, and address appear on the side panels and endflaps. 

Size: Base 5¾".

Sold: Oct. 2006

Price Sold: $ 848


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