c.1960 Asahi, Racing Sport-O-Rama in Original Box #2

c.1960 Asahi, Racing Sport-O-Rama in Original Box #2

Unusual tin litho clockwork toy manufactured by Asahi (ATC), Japan. Toy features movement of two spring like metal rods which rotate in opposite directions simultaneously! Toy is in excellent+ to near mint condition and comes complete with original box.

The toy consists of two sets of vehicles connected by two long narrow metal rods. One set includes two tin litho racers (lithoed # 1 and #2 of course) with drivers. The cars run on solid rubber tires with metal hubs. The metal rod running between connects to the center of a large green base. The base is lithoed to resemble a house with dirt mound in back topped by green grass. A colorful bell juts out from one side. The base itself is oblong, rather than circular. 

On top of the axle rests another set of narrow metal rods. Connected to the ends of these rods are two tin litho airplanes with revolving celluloid propellers. 

The attached key winds up from underneath the base. It starts to turn with the racers moving counter-clockwise, while the airplanes move clockwise. At the same time large bell rings continuously. As it gets spins faster the propellers start to rotate. The narrowness of the metal rods gives all four vehicles an occasional bounce! The effect is fantastic and one which I can't recall seeing on another toy. It works great!

The color illustrated box shows a panel wide drawing of a late 1950's-early 60's racing car crossing the finish line. A red checkered flag is shown off to the left corner. A small crowd of children stand in a distant field. They're watching the two airplanes speed by overhead, one of which just cleared the racer. Asahi's Santa logo is printed on every panel. 

Size: Racers 4". Airplanes 3¾" wingspan. Assembled toy 19" x 5".

Sold: Oct. 2006

Price Sold: $ 130


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